What type of material is used to make the nativity sets?

The material is a type of PVC that is:

•        1/2” in thickness

          •        Has a homogeneous closed cell structure with a smooth matte surface finish on both sides

          •        Light weight yet extremely strong and durable

          •        UV stabilized

          •        Does not absorb water, virtually weatherproof

          •        Has a low flammability point

          •        Will never discolor, and easily cleaned

          •        The color that is used for our printed nativities is also UV stabilized, so it will not fade or discolor.

          •        The only weakness to our material is that it does have a brittle point. A corner may chip if the structure is dropped on a hard surface, but if the set is treated with care it should continue to look great year after year.

When will my product(s) be shipped to me?

Your product(s) will be shipped via FedEx Ground within two days after your payment has been received.

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